2021​ - 30 Word Stories

Fold, unfold, fold, unfold and before she knew it, she was an old woman with very clean clothes whose memories had been effectively scrubbed away by the mundanity of life #fold


As I get ready to flee my dank cell, my eyes flit to the hole in the wall. My little furry friend has not emerged, but I cannot wait... #emerge


I effortlessly folded my body like a graceful origami swan, until I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and saw a giraffe on the yoga mat. #origami


The last light filters through the branches as my brand new hiking boots scrunch through papery leaves. I'm opening my new compass when a large shadow looms overhead. #scrunch


She ripped at the stitches of the intricate tapestry as the face of her husband's former wife unravelled. "There's no way we're keeping this!" She smirked at her chagrined husband. #unravel


A burst balloon prompted a domino effect of fallen ice cream cone, shrilled cries and a crimson faced mother hastily wheeling the pram away, successfully averting complete anarchy... for now #burst


Madame Zelda's class promised the manifestation of my one true love for $250 (spells and potions included) but I chose to nope out and create my own destiny. #manifest


The sound of chatter and the loud pop of bubble-gum was followed by insolent gazes under hooded eyes. I cleared my throat nervously. "Hello, I'm your substitute teacher for today " #pop


It's been a year and I have officially shut down, for FaceTime cannot replace the sensation of touch. I long for the borders to open so I can feel again. #open


I pulled him toward me, allowing him to sink his teeth into my neck, willing him to draw blood... give me eternal life...renew me...#renew


I don't know if it was her or the fireflies that illuminated the night, but I was spellbound by the way her glowing body swayed to an invisible beat. #illuminate

Without warning she carelessly rips me out and then gently places me in her crystal cut vase to languish until the next time. Why won't she just let me blossom? #blossom


You wanted me to be gentle, kind, assertive, ambitious, funny, sexy, sensitive, nice and clever until the segmentation of my multiple personalities cracked and I broke into a million pieces #segmentation


It was my sixth love note to her. “I know it takes time for feelings to develop... and I'm willing to wait forever.” Maybe now she would surrender to me. #develop


He missed the way her eyes crinkled when she smiled. Every single crease and line that he loved had been smoothed out with the aid of an injection. #crease