He placed the blue mask over his face. He had thought it was a ridiculous idea at first, but now as he gazed at himself in the mirror, he conceded that the plan might work. He was a few counties over from where he lived, nobody would be able to identify him. The park had been transformed almost over night into the annual fair. The colours, music and aromas had assailed his senses, bringing back heady memories of when he had first started out as a performer.

He hadn’t performed in twenty years. And now as he prepared to emerge onstage, he remembered what had led to the fateful decision that had changed the course of his life. He had tired of the limelight and although he lived in a mansion and had more money than he could ever wish for, what was the point of living when he could not enjoy his life? Everything was done for him, his life was mapped out and when he wasn’t working, he could barely step foot outside without being mobbed.

The world had loved him, but perhaps they had loved him too much. It got to the point where the pressure was so high, it was either retire or die. He had planted an idea in his manager’s head and it didn’t take long for the cigar chomping old man to realise that his golden goose was worth more dead than alive. The plan was not over complicated. Only a handful of people knew the truth, including immediate family members and management that stood to make bank for keeping their mouth shut.

His heart supposedly stopped that fateful day.

The plan was carried out with secrecy, and the world had no choice but to mourn the loss of their beloved musical messiah.

Years had passed before he had felt the urge to sing again, and when he finally put pen to paper for the first time in his life, he created music that he ached to share. The urge to perform had never been stronger. But not as himself. Never again. The mask would take care of that. After all, he was dead, nobody was expecting a dead person to come to life, were they?

His long-time partner Lucy had left him alone, understanding that he needed a few moments to himself, and as he stood in the makeshift backstage area, he squinted at the cracked mirror. He was not the young man he once was, his once black hair now thinning and snow white. He had lost a substantial amount of weight over the past few years. He was not as they remembered. But that did not matter… not anymore.

His fingers trailed over the shiny eye mask he wore, his safety net, when he felt Lucy’s reassuring hand on his shoulder.

“Elvis.” She whispered. “You’re on next.”



Prompts- Each story had to include:


  • Had to take place in a PARK.

  • Had to include a MIRROR.