2020​ - 30 Word Stories


His weathered hands moved swiftly until her voice rose above the others with a lament that echoed his thoughts. Moments later, his head bowed, his focus returning to the field.


The soft fabric of her dress touches me as returns to her bedroom. I remain ensconced in her closet. I’m not fixated. Can’t a guy just admire a girl?


You crack into fragments and swirls of colour as I collapse to the ground. But I can hear your voice and although distorted, it soothes me until my last breath.


The rivet that held my heart together fell out. I thought I was as strong as steel but now I unravel, crying like a baby. Love was not for me.

Trying to fall in love again, I let her kiss me. Eyes closed, but still so unfamiliar. All I can think is that she’ll never ever measure up to you.

Determined to return my opponent’s serve, I resumed my steady stance on centre court. But all I could see was my coach’s disappointed face as the ball whizzed past me.


I watch the palm trees lazily sway in the breeze as I float along in the water. Self isolation has never been better as I adjust my virtual reality glasses.


A vague outline of a body stretched out across the canvas as the artist filled in the fine strokes of her hair. I saw the eyes and I could see me.

She smiled at him, her fingers trailing down his arm. He spoke and she laughed in response, moving closer. As I peered through the long lens, I felt very alone.


The crisp air burned his nostrils as he stumbled from his dim cell into the cold darkness. His former captor pressed a gun to his back. “Here’s your chance! Run!”