Last Days

I remember my last sunrise.

I was mesmerised as the sun slowly rose from the ocean, the sky bleeding red. But she still managed to invade my thoughts. When her face took precedence over the sun, I knew the decision had already been made for me.

Romane had swept into my life at a time when I had settled down with a wife and child. But being settled was akin to being stifled and I welcomed the distraction of her cupid bow lips. She was different to any woman I had ever known, almost unnerving in her determination to consume me.

My days were now empty and I longed for the evenings when she would seemingly materialise out of thin air. My lips pressed against her luminous skin as she regaled me with stories of her travels to faraway lands. She had travelled the globe until the ache of loneliness forced her to seek out a companion. Romane told me she knew I was the right person as soon as she saw me hunched over the bar, losing myself in a bottle of spirits. She had befriended me with ease, and it was not long before I was hanging on her every word.

“You’re not really living.” She had told me. “You are merely existing. Come with me and I’ll show you what it feels to be alive. Oh, but what I could teach you…”

I was hungry to learn more and she was duly patient, filling my head with thoughts of freedom, until all I could think of was escaping my present life.

I wanted my new life to start as soon as possible. My wife wept when I told her I was leaving home for good. Her tears did not subside, even at the sight of my scrawled signature giving her everything I owned.

I took one last look at my little daughter, perched on the little bicycle I gave her for Christmas and walked away without a single possession. Nothing tangible was needed for my new life. Nothing, except for Romane.

She was waiting for me, her eyes dark with desire as I walked into her cold embrace. My heartbeat quickened as her teeth gently grazed my neck.

It was time to die, but I knew my eternal life as a vampire was about to begin…