• Maria S. Nitsolas

The Perfect Writing Nook with a Mind’s Eye View

I’m obsessed with writing nooks.

I really love stalking (ahem, I mean seeing) other people’s writing spaces, whether it’s an entire room dedicated to creative pursuits (the ultimate dream!) or a little nook of the house which they have transformed into their creative corner of the world.

I used to envy writing spaces with views of a verdant landscape dotted with wildflowers. That is until I heard the story about a man who spent an excessive amount of money to build a writing studio with enviable views, only to never write a word of his novel.

It’s taken me years to realise I didn’t have to wait for the perfect setting in order for inspiration to strike; in fact, there’s no need for any kind of view, except for your mind’s eye.

I think I'd be too distracted to write with this beautiful view in front of me!

The sight of Elizabeth Gilbert’s office proved to be a real eye-opener and gave me a completely new perspective on creating a personal writing space.

The best-selling author of 'Eat, Pray, Love' purchased a lovely wooden desk and then proceeded to have her office built around it, so that the desk is now impossible to move. She decorated it with a few personal items and has a view of a white wall which is adorned with artwork.

As for me, I’m lucky to have a space in my bedroom which I have transformed into my mini office. We call it the ‘alcove’ as it was originally the front veranda when the house was first built. It’s a nice space which I unfortunately have to share with the ironing board (and other boring items).

My favourite piece is an old-fashioned roll-top desk that I purchased a few years ago. Although, it's not exactly designed for the 21st century (it just barely fits my laptop), I can't help but love it. I love the little details, like the tiny drawers where I store my postage stamps (yes, I still send occasional cards and letters!) and paper clips. I love the gold hardware and the beautiful carved legs of the table.

I have decorated the wall with a few photographs and artwork, packed my collection of notebooks in a wooden box and have displayed a few little knick-knacks.

As Elizabeth Gilbert says, “Everything in that space should remind you of who you are.”

It took a long time for me to actually appreciate the 'alcove'. And sometimes it’s messier than it should be. But I've followed Elizabeth Gilbert's advice and am now determined to stop taking it for granted.

Hopefully this keeps me on the right track, and the creativity continues to flow, with my laptop in front of me and my ironing board strategically placed (out of sight and mind) behind my back!

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