• Maria S. Nitsolas

Window Swap

The internet is usually my biggest distraction, but this website is proving to be an inspiration.

Are you bored with the view outside your window? is a website where people around the world submit a live view from their window.

Husband and wife, Vaishnav Balasubramaniam and Sonali Ranjit created the site as “a way to travel without moving.”, which is very apt in our current climate when travel or even venturing outside is not an option.

Thanks to Window Swap, you are one click away from far-flung locations such as Vietnam, Madagascar and the Ukraine with vastly different panoramas.

Marvel at the breathtaking views of the Giza Pyramids in Egypt, or check out a block of apartments that loom across the skyline of London. Turn up the volume and the streets become alive with the sound of chirping birds, cascading rain or soothing music.

Regardless of the view, it is without doubt an authentic glimpse into someone else’s world.

I was particularly drawn to a view outside a Manhattan window, where the gorgeous Grecian inspired building across the road struck a chord within me. I discovered cool sounding places like Blackness (which is in Scotland, for those playing at home) and I listened to the waves crashing on a Californian shoreline.

I’m writing this now whilst listening to the sounds of Manhattan in the background and it’s not as predictable as you’d think. Rather than the soundtrack of a bustling city with incessant blaring car horns, I can hear the odd car drive by and the sounds of people talking from below. It’s a strangely peaceful soundtrack.

Now I know you’re probably thinking this website is more of a distraction than an inspiration, but I have to say, I found it an interesting tool for sparking the imagination.

You may be writing a story set in San Francisco, and this allows you a glimpse into the city you are describing or you may be inspired to conjure a story about the person living in that particular apartment based on the personal belongings you see on the window ledge or their daily view.

Most importantly, this concept opens your eyes to the way other people live. Sometimes it’s too easy to get bogged down in our everyday life and not realise there is more to the world than what’s outside our window.

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